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How Ifrenel and Clayn can change your life

Our product line

Ifrenel research and development team is building a portfolio of proprietary products based on naturally occurring minerals. Our concept is that cosmetics need not be continuously present on your skin surface to become effective. Most cosmetics we use are based on natural and synthetic petroleum derivatives. Leaving those on your skin causes build up. In the long term, it is not healthy and may damage your skin. All Ifrenel products are designed as rinse-off type, i.e., you treat your skin and rinse off the product to take all the pollutants away. This allows your skin cells to grow normally, while allowing Ifrenel’s product to help keep your skin smooth, clean and fresh looking all day with just a single, 30 second treatment.

We have two unique products not found anywhere else in the world.

Ifrenel s.a.

Ifrenel s.a. treats your acne in one daily treatment regimen and gives you a fresh, smooth and healthy skin to last all day long.

Try Ifrenel s.a. to treat acne pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.

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The new mineral-based powder skincare regimen, is here to bring that natural glow back to your skin.

Clayn is our non-acne skin therapy for those men and women who want to improve their skin tone and keep the matted shine-free look all day.

Use Clayn to remove oils to give you that shine free, matted look. Daily use will keep your skin healthy, younger-looking and feel fresh all day.

Ifrenel s.a and Clayn products have very special results:

as a cleansing agent

  • Deep cleans irritants and dead skin without irritation
  • Calms and soothes your tired skin
  • Penetrates deep to unclog pores

as an effective mineral clay that absorbs oil

  • Helps prevent blackheads and pimples from forming
  • Eliminates skin cell build-up
  • Gives you that matted, clean-looking skin

a spa treatment at home

  • Keeps your skin silky smooth, younger looking
  • Makes you feel fresh each time you use it
  • Microdermabrades your skin to keep it healthy, soft and feeling fresh

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Get the daily spa treatment without going to one with products that really work for your skin - the natural way


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