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Clinical Results

Ifrenel s.a. has undergone extensive clinical tests. Some data is presented here to demonstrate the efficacy of Ifrenel s.a.

Figure 1 shows the effect of Ifrenel s.a. on the reduction of sebum (oil on the skin) after a single treatment. The sebum was measured using a non-invasive instrument called a sebumeter. The data demonstrates a reduction of over 80% of the sebum present on the surface of the skin after a single application of Ifrenel s.a.

Figure 2 shows the reduction in skin oiliness after a single use as perceived by human volunteers using an oiliness score (5= very oily). Ifrenel s.a. dramatically reduced the perception of oiliness for the entire day. The oiliness score dropped to a score 1 (very dry) and remained at this level for at least 8 hours and did not rise to the score of 2 until 24 hours later. This means that a single use is sufficient to control oiliness for at least a full day.

Figure 3. Ifrenel s.a. can reduce acne by 50% within one week and virtually all of the acne after one month of daily use. In many cases, the acne disappears after a few days. Also, it is also important to know that the pain associated with cystic acne is reduced within 2 days and this is followed by decline in the inflammation.

Figure 4. The same group of volunteers was followed after the initial 28 day treatment to see if acne will return. When the volunteers stopped using Ifrenel s.a., some acne began to appear a week later. It is not until 2 weeks later than the acne count reach half the level of the initial count. It is therefore important to maintain the use of Ifrenel s.a. to keep acne away.

Figure 5 represents the self-assessment scores of women who have used Ifrenel. The most striking observation was the perception of the women after using Ifrenel s.a. The volunteers felt very strongly that Ifrenel s.a made their skin feel smoother, healthier and brighter.

Ifrenel s.a. is truly a remarkable product! From a single treatment, one achieves both anti-acne action and skin care treatment at the same time.

A more revolutionary approach to treating acne may be a new therapy called Ifrenel s.a., a unique natural mineral complex recently discovered from marine science research. Ifrenel s.a. has some very interesting properties that should be considered as a first line defense against acne. Since sebum irritates the skin and produces acne lesions, it has been suggested that newer therapies could include agents that soak up or eliminate these surface irritants, without systemic absorption or any adverse side effects. Ifrenel s.a. is such an agent and being a natural mineral complex, it may be a useful and more beneficial route to treating acne and those suffering the discomforts of oily skin. Ifrenel s.a. has the ability to absorb excess oils and surface impurities from cosmetics and pollutants from the skin. The cleansing treatment has the added advantage of leaving skin soft and smooth.

Application of Ifrenel s.a is similar to a gentle microdermabrasion, which dislodges dead epidermal cells with immediate results as a smooth, silky, hydrated skin surface. Incorporated within this mineral complex is salicylic acid that enhances the removal of dead surface cells and prevent the clogging of pores so that inflammatory lesions are prevented from forming.It makes perfect sense to consider natural sources before any choice of topical chemicals, drugs or systemic therapy to treat mild to moderate acne. Ifrenel s.a. can now be considered as a first line of defense for teens to use when combating the signs and various stages of acne.