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The Science Behind Ifrenel

What is Ifrenel technology?

Removing sebum from the skin surface is never easy. Soaps tend to take some of the oil out and spread the rest around the skin. Astringents can be very irritating and also removes the natural oils from the surface layer that are also beneficial for normal skin growth and moisture. Absorbents, such as bentonite and other clays, are not absorbent enough to take away the excessive oils that cause acne. Drugs that shrink the oil glands also affect other tissues of the body leading to other unpleasant side effects, such as excessive drying of other mucosal surfaces (oral and genital areas) and potential birth defects. Click here to read more

The ideal solution to acne is an absorbing agent that is considered as GRAS generally recognized as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration) and specifically targeted to remove skin oils efficiently only from the surface. Ifrenel, Inc. has discovered a new type of kaolin clay that is specially suited for this job. Ifrenel clay is composed of naturally formed openings that are of the right dimensions to effectively remove the oils by natural absorption. Once absorbed inside the Ifrenel clay, which happens in seconds upon contact with the skin, the oil-clay complex can then be removed by simply rinsing the skin with water. The result is a skin free of acne-producing oils and a clean, fresh, tighter, smoother skin surface.

The Ifrenel clay technology is based on a naturally occurring rare clay structure found in only one location in the Unites States).

What is Ifrenel s.a.?

Acne forms because skin oil or sebum combines with the dead cells of the skin to plug the opening of the oil gland to the skin surface. The inflammation (redness) is caused by the combination of the over-growth of acne bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) in these plugs and the conversion of these oils into irritants by the bacteria. The dead skin cells and the surface oils must be removed simultaneously to prevent and cure acne.

The s.a. in Ifrenel s.a. refers to salicylic acid, a common over-the-counter remedy that acts as an exfoliant–meaning that the product promotes the gentle removal of dead surface skin cells. Salicylic acid penetrates the pores to encourage shedding of the dead cells deep inside and to reduce blockages that lead to blackheads and acne.

In Ifrenel s.a., the salicylic acid molecule is entrapped in a microscopic capsule made up of starch molecules and mixed with the clay. This microencapsulated salicylic acid stays longer on the skin surface after rinsing and continues the process of dead skin removal long after the clay-sebum complex has been eliminated from the skin. Thus, Ifrenel s.a. continues to work for you throughout the day. View entire article

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