Our History

Developed by a team of biomedical researchers, Ifrenel is a revolutionary, mineral-based technology upon which a number of unique therapeutic skin products have been created. Ifrenel technology both effectively cleanses and rejuvenates the skin, leaving it feeling clean and smooth.

Ifrenel s.a. utilizes Ifrenel technology to gently treat and prevent acne without the harsh side effects associated with other leading products. Ifrenel technology leaves the skin feeling cleaner and smoother after each use.

Ifrenel s.a. is a revolutionary mineral formulation that treats and prevents acne without the harsh side effects often associated with other leading brands. Ifrenel s.a. will leave your skin feeling CLEANER and SMOOTHER after each use!

• all natural mineral ingredients
• no burning sensation, irritation or smell
• so easy to use–just one step
• leaves the skin feeling smooth and clean all day

From the Experts

The effectiveness of Ifrenel technology has been recognized by leading dermatologist, Marty Sawaya, MD, PhD:

A more revolutionary approach to treating acne may be a new therapy called Ifrenel s.a., a unique natural mineral complex recently discovered from marine science research. Ifrenel s.a. has some very interesting properties that should be considered as a first line defense against acne.

Marty Sawaya, MD, PhD

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